Action research

Action research and action learning consists of a family of methodologies which pursue action and research/learning outcomes at the same time. I have always underscored the symbiotic relationship between thinking and doing.

Action research/learning is a form of self-reflective inquiry undertaken by participants in social situations in order to improve their own practices, their understanding of these practices, and the situations in which the practices are carried out.

Action research/learning is about adopting an experimental, iterative mindset to day-to-day activities. It requires a willingness to embrace failure and a recognition that there will always be opportunities to adapt and improve.

”Action research is neither a method nor at technique; it is an approach to living in the world that includes the creation of areas for collaborative learning and the design, enactment and evaluation of liberating actions […]”

D. Greenwood, 2007:131

Action research tends to be cyclic, participative, qualitative and reflective.

A link to Judi Marshall’s seminal paper ”Living life as inquiry”

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